Amazing Base – Starting at $4.95

Amazing Base 3 in 1 Preparation is a product that truly lives up to its name. It will forever change the way you base coat your paper beads. The days of applying base with your finger one bead at a time are over. Just string your beads on fishing line and dip into the solution. It’s that simple!

Amazing Base not only based coats your beads, it also hardens/tightens them, makes them waterproof* and provides UV protection, all in one non-toxic solution. You can expect super clean bead holes, no bubbles to pop and no build up.

When used as directed, this product will prepare your finished beads for Vibrance Paper Bead Glaze and give you a shine you just won’t believe! Check out the before and after picture and see for yourself!

*Fully cured beads placed in water for over 20 minutes had no visible damage at all.

Vibrance Paper Bead Glaze – Starting at $4.95

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Vibrance - Paper Bead Glaze, by Janice Mae is specially prepared for paper beads.  It is not glue; it is a glaze and seals your paper beads to make it water resistant.  It preserves your paper beads to a hard finish while maintaining the original color of the paper.  It is [...]

Bamboo Paper Bead Roller Kit – $26.25

Bamboo Paper Bead Roller Kit – $26.25

Bamboo Paper Bead Roller Kit Includes:

1 Bamboo roller
1 Bottle Vibrance Paper Bead Glaze (4oz.)
1 small brush
Recycled magazine triangles
Sample paper beads

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