Vibrance - Paper Bead Glaze, by Janice Mae is specially prepared for paper beads.  It is not glue; it is a glaze and seals your paper beads to make it water resistant.  It preserves your paper beads to a hard finish while maintaining the original color of the paper.  It is in liquid form, milky white in color and easy to use:  glaze many beads at one time by dipping it into the Vibrance solution and leave it to dry from 1-2 hrs.  Because, it is not glue, the paper beads do not stick to each other; just gently separate them when applying the second coat.  For best results, apply Vibrance 2-3 times depending on the shine you would wish to achieve.  Economical compared to other type of varnish and sprays.  Best of all it is environmental friendly, no odor, and non-toxic and will not irritate the skin.  It comes in 4 oz. bottle.

Instructions on how to Use It:

  1. String your paper beads in the fishing line provided for with the stopper bead
  2. Pour Vibrance in a wide mouthed container like a plastic cup, just enough for the number of paper beads you want to glaze.
  3. Make sure there are no bubbles before dipping the paper beads.  Dip the paper beads 5-10 seconds; remove excess by shaking the strung beads or with fingers and then hang to dry for about 2 hours.
  4. Dip it again the second time and let dry, for best results dip the paper beads 3 times and dry overnight.
  5. Pour excess Vibrance back into the bottle.
  6. Vibrance is not glue the paper beads are easy to remove from the string.

Vibrance is also great for glazing paper clay, Paper mache and ceramic projects.

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